Our Regions

Richmond Branch (Main Branch)

The Richmond region is the founding branch and consists the VP internal. Charity Brighouse started in 2013 and held small fundraisers. This organization was started by a group of friends and has continued on into one of the largest all-student run charities in Lower Mainland. Being the oldest region, the Richmond Branch continues to lead and grow Charity Brighouse into a bigger and more impactful organization.


The Vancouver Branch was formed in early 2015 by a group of friends interested in making a change in their community. Since then, they have held an array of events across Vancouver, working intimately with organizations such as Immigration Services Society of British Columbia and UNHCR.

Port Moody

Charity Brighouse Port Moody Branch (CBPM) was started in September 2015 as the first expansion of the founding branch by a group of high school students in Port Moody. In order to provide youth in the area with more opportunities to serve the community and obtain essential leadership skills, Port Moody Branch has held a number of events including garage sales, book drives, food sales in tri-city areas.


The Surrey region is a new branch of the Charity Brighouse family! Run by a team of dedicated members, the Surrey branch hopes to provide numerous volunteering opportunities for the youth of the region. The Surrey team values the idea of leadership and community service, which is why they hope to create an impact by equipping the young with everything they need to achieve those ambitions.


As one of subdivisions of Metro-Vancouver's Charity Brighouse, the Coquitlam Branch aims to foster and extend the organization's legacy to the Tri-Cities district. Through a melding of different events and fundraisers, the Coquitlam region's objective is to promote the value of volunteerism as well as leadership among youths. With a new team composed of driven leaders, the Coquitlam Branch strives to build on Charity Brighouse's platform by inspiring the youth to take opportunities and leadership.

Maple Ridge 

The Maple Ridge branch was started in 2016 by a group of high school students interested in improving their community. Composed of a group of IB students, this branch values global-mindedness, community-engagement, and creativity. As a relatively new organization, the Maple Ridge branch is undergoing high-potential growth created by its passionate, dedicated members.