Vancouver Branch

Windsor Huang | External President

Windsor Huang is currently a grade 12 student at St. George’s school. He is heavily involved inside his school, taking part in the school's student council team, rowing program, and Model United Nations club. Outside of school, Windsor spends much of his time leading his cadets in his army cadet corps, 2947 12 Service Battalion RCACC, where he is a 2IC in his platoon. His time in the army cadet marksmanship program has cultivated his love for shooting and he hopes that by the end of his cadet career, he can lead him and his team to provincials. In his spare time, Windsor enjoys playing video games, programming, and drawing. Windsor hopes that in his time with Charity Brighouse, he can inspire those around him to have a new insight on what it means to volunteer.

Rosy Ren | Regional Director

Rosy Ren is currently a grade 11 student at York House School. She is a very keen volunteer in her community through many different ways, whether it’s being student ambassador for her school to working as a staff for Charity Brighouse. Rosy is also involved with debate, Model United Nations and lifeguarding. In her spare time, you can find Rosy watching her favourite youtubers or spending time with her family and friends. As an avid volunteer, Rosy is very excited to work with Charity Brighouse to make a positive impact on her community.

Eric Zhang | Volunteer Coordinator

Eric is currently a grade 12 student attending St. George’s School and is ecstatic to be one of the Assistant Volunteer Coordinators. Eric enjoys participating in a wide variety of clubs that his school offers such as Reach for the Top club, Model United Nations club, and Chess club. In Eric’s spare time, you can find him in the gym playing basketball or volleyball (getting ready for next year’s season), on the interwebs where he is most likely watching anime, outside playing ultimate, or even dancing to his favorite songs. Eric believes that volunteering should be considered fun and pleasant instead of laborious and boring. He hopes that he can make a difference in the minds of youth through staffing.

Charis Lai | Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Charis Lai is currently a grade 12 student attending Crofton House School. Passionately involved in numerous organizations, Charis actively volunteers her time to everything she believes in, from feminism to climate change. She is also in her school's chamber choir and Model United Nations Club. Charis is an avid artist, constantly drawing, singing, or dancing. She hopes to inspire her love of the creative arts and donating her time to volunteer upon others in her community.

Justin Sung | Event Coordinator

Justin Sung is currently studying as a grade 12 student at St. George's school.While he's not dying in a sea of work or destroying people in every video game imaginable, Justin has no idea why he's not occupied with something important. Justin is has enrolled in countless activities and events, including the school's model club, math club, science and debate club! However, he can also be found playing the piano, being an avid MUNner, and working hard to make Charity Brighouse the best it can be. As well, as the event coordinator of the Vancouver branch, Justin is simply delighted to make the coming year the most productive and fun yet!

Lisa Liu | Assistant Director of Event Coordination

Lisa is currently a grade 11 student studying at York House School. She is a committed member of the York House Improv team and is actively involved in public speaking and the performing arts. Along with her role at Charity Brighouse, Lisa is also a co-founder of the World Autism Beneficent Society, a dedicated volunteer at Crofton Manor, and assistant Mandarin tutor at the York House Jr. School. She hopes that with her enthusiasm of working with others and will to impact the community, she is able to work as a helpful staff of Charity Brighouse

Edward Tao | Director of Media

Ed is currently enrolled as a grade 12 student in St.Georges. Ed is passionate about film and digital arts and is very excited about being the director of Media and the challenges he will face. Ed is an avid member of GPACs and investment club. He is also an active member of the Dunbar Youth council since grade 8 and has organized events such as the Dunbar Haunted House and Breakfast with Santa. Ed loves mountain biking and as a result has scars all over his body ranging from his forehead to his funny bone. As the director of media, Ed hopes to recruit more members and increase Charity Brighouse's scope of activities by utilizing the power of media. By joining Charity Brighouse, Ed wishes to contribute to his community as well as to create more opportunities for young adults who wish to spread kindness.

Elanore | Director of Marketing

Elanore is currently in Grade Eleven attending York House School. She is actively involved in the current events club as well as taking part in band practices and performances. She has been very dedicated to volleyball and badminton and participates in the school team. On the weekends, Elanore is involved in taekwondo, art, and oratory classes. She hopes that with her optimism, diverse views, and lightheartedness, she is able to work in a team with Charity Brighouse to contribute to empowering her community.

Andrew Zhang | Assistant Director of Marketing

Andrew is currently a junior at St. George’s School. His interest in business as well as giving back to the community makes him a keen member of the Charity Brighouse marketing team. Since his inauguration into the position, Andrew has helped organize an array of fundraising events like the Crispy Crème/Candle sales. In his leisure time, Andrew participates in sports such as Swimming, Triathlon, Basketball, and Running. For his remaining years at CB, Andrew hopes to organize more fundraising events and participate in them more frequently. It is a pleasure for Andrew to serve in his community.

Connie Kang | Director of Marketing

Connie Kang studies at Crofton House School and is currently a grade 12 student. She is on Crofton's Robotics team and Reach for the Top team and she is very involved with school\'s clubs: Art, Science, and Math. In her leisure time, Connie enjoys doing robotics, programming, designing, and playing the piano. She is currently volunteering as a mentor of a FLL (First Lego League) team and she has been teaching teenagers how to do Arduino, C+, and Python programming at a private tutor's house. She would like to gain more experiences and help more people to achieve their goals by joining Charity Brighouse.

James Foo | Assistant Director of Marketing

James is a senior at St. George's School and serves as the assistant director of marketing for Charity Brighouse. Previously, James has lived in Japan and Malaysia. On the rare occasion that James isn't working on Charity Brighouse, he can be sighted attending MUNs, playing soccer, and reading about business and stocks. James also enjoys finding McDonalds 2-can-dine coupons in his mailbox.

Patrick Lu | Photographer

Patrick Lu is currently a high school senior at St. Georges school in Vancouver. He is a strong advocate for equity and has taken significant initiatives, from Art Club to Gay Straight Alliance. Recently, he worked with Morgan Stanley’s finance partner in Shanghai for a charitable event and had huge success. In his spare time, Patrick can be found generating new ideas of art pieces as he endeavors to achieve his best in visual arts.

Ray Dong | Photographer

Ray Dong is a Grade 12 student currently enrolled at St. George's School. He is a Avid member of the Georgian, and is a devoted player on the badminton team. Outside of school, he spends too much time eating and watching the never ending stream of shows on Netflix. He hopes to be a part of the growing community at Charity Brighouse and to play our part in assisting the less fortunate