Coquitlam Branch

Kira Yip | Co-Regional Director

Kira is embarking on her senior year at Pinetree Secondary as well as her first year partaking in the Charity Brighouse group as Co-Regional Manager of the Coquitlam Branch. With modest experience from previous fundraisers and events, she hopes to bring her knowledge and innovation to this organization and grow with a team of driven individuals harbouring like values. In essence, she is looking forward to a promising year of collaborating with new faces and providing a myriad of opportunities for the youths of tomorrow. Aside from Charity Brighouse, Kira enjoys making memories with her friends, concocting sweet beverages at the bubble tea shop she works at, and entertaining her small yet spirited toy poodle.

Marisa Lin | Co-Regional Director

Marisa is currently a Grade 12 student at Pinetree Secondary. She is grateful to be a part of Charity Brighouse's team composed of like-minded students passionate about promoting student leadership and helping those in need. As Co-Regional Manager of the Coquitlam branch, she hopes to provide the opportunity for students to collaborate with different organizations to further expand their leadership skills as well as hosting various events to provide aid for international causes in need. During her free time, she is either training in martial arts or teaching swimming lessons.

Deborah Berman | Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Deborah is in her senior year at Pinetree Secondary School. She is honoured to be serving as a co-volunteer coordinator at the Charity Brighouse Branch in Coquitlam. This is her second year being involved in the club and she has been involved in the branches several fundraisers, her favourite being the Halloween candy gram sale. She is enthused to be apart of the executives running the Coquitlam Branch and hopes to further their success by involving more members of the community this year. Aside from volunteering in Charity Brighouse, she volunteers for the Fraser Health Baby Clinic. In addition, she plays ringette, is taking part in her school’s Global Perspectives course, and explores her city with friends.

Anika Jang | Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Anika Jang is now a senior at Pinetree Secondary and is honoured to serve Charity Brighouse Coquitlam Branch as the Co-Volunteer Coordinator. Although this is her first year, she believes her experiences from several volunteer organizations and workplaces she has participated in will bring innovation, growth, and eventually success to the community, including involvement of new members. Besides being a part of the executive team of Charity Brighouse (Coquitlam branch), she plays soccer and takes part in the orchestra as a cello player. Also, she loves volunteering at the Public Library, Bible School, and most importantly, she thoroughly enjoys her yearly mission trip to the First Nations.

Kate Chou | Director of Marketing

Kate Chou, at present, is a senior student at Pinetree Secondary, and reveres in this opportunity to undertake the Charity Brighouse executive position of the Director of Marketing. She is beyond ecstatic to resemble the active social panel which links our Coquitlam branch of this club to the respective, neighbouring branches of Charity Brighouse, and thus, to the masses. Spending quality time with friends and family, partaking in the organization of large-scale school and club events, as well as settling down with a good book are just a handful of the many things she enjoys to do in her free time. In retrospect, Kate wishes to foster not merely prolific but bustling engagement in relation to volunteerism for the youth of our time with her dependable team—and in this fashion, rouse an appetite for service and participation within pupils that have yet to outstretch a hand toward leadership-fueling opportunities.

Andrea Demeter | Treasurer

Andrea is a senior at Pinetree Secondary and is very excited to be serving as the treasurer at the Charity Brighouse Coquitlam branch. Since joining in 2016, Andrea has participated at her school's branch by volunteering at their many fundraisers. Her favourite event was the Krispy Kreme donut sale that fundraised for Syrian refugees. She is thrilled to have yet another successful year with Charity Brighouse, and hopes to attract even more members so others can have the opportunity to volunteer with such a great organization. She also wants to focus on having more fundraising opportunities to get as many people involved as possible. Along with working with Charity Brighouse, Andrea can be found playing volleyball, wandering the city, and trying new foods with friends.