Port Moody Branch

Rain Wu | Regional Director of Port Moody Branch

Rain is a senior at Heritage Woods Secondary School and is excited to take on the role of the regional director of Port Moody branch. Since joining Port Moody branch in 2015 as director of marketing, Rain has helped to organize a variety of CBPM events in her school and in the community, including one of her favourite: Bubble Tea Sale. As one of the oldest members in CBPM, Rain witnessed the growth of the charity as well as the growth of members/volunteers in the charity. This year, Rain is looking forward to work with everyone in Charity Brighouse and create more volunteering opportunities for youth to better their schools and communities.

Email: rain@charitybrighouse.org

Ashley Lee | Director of Marketing

Ashley will be a junior this year at Heritage Woods Secondary School and will be working with the marketing team of the Charity Brighouse Port Moody branch once again. She enjoys helping to host the Charity Brighouse events at her school, especially the bubble tea sales. When she's not helping out with Charity Brighouse, she likes to spend her time with friends and family, traveling, and drawing. 


Jennifer Feng | Director of Marketing

Jennifer is a student of Heritage Woods Secondary, and has joined Charity Brighouse since 2016. She is a member of the Marketing Department of the Charity Brighouse Port Moody Branch and has helped organize many events. Jennifer is truly glad of making the decision to join this organization, which provides her the opportunity to develop both leadership and friendship with the people in it. Besides school and club work, Jennifer has talent in dancing and Guzheng (instrument) playing, and is interested in arts and badminton. In this up coming school year, Jennifer is ready to continue supporting Charity Brighouse to make better imports for the community.

Stephen Wang | Director of Volunteer Coordinating

Stephen is a grade 12 student in Heritage Woods Secondary School and an executive member of Charity Brighouse Port Moody Branch. Since joining the charity in 2016, Stephen has played a role as the volunteer coordinator of the Port Moody Branch, providing opportunities for students in Heritage Woods as well as the community members to give back to the society. As a part of CBPM, Stephen consistently helps organizing and supporting the charity’s events. As a high school student, Stephen is a sport lover, who is a common guest of the swimming pool and tennis court. Stephen is excited about the coming year and is ready to face the upcoming challenges.

Carol Gao | Treasurer

Carol is a senior at Heritage Woods Secondary. She started at a volunteer position in Charity Brighouse Port Moody Branch and is now serving as the treasure of CBPM. Carol has participated in a number of events, mainly managing the finance for CBPM along with other kinds of work. Her work includes estimating the budget for each event organized and maintaining the charity's stable financial situation.

Richa Shah | Director of Outreach

Richa is an upcoming senior at Heritage Woods Secondary School, and holds the position of 'Outreach Director' of Charity Brighouse's Port Moody branch. As one of the newest members of the branch, joining in 2017, Richa has gained experience helping the organization of a variety of events, including her favourite: a community book drive. Aside from Charity Brighouse, Richa enjoys spending time with her peers and family. She hopes that this approaching year will create more opportunities to aid and better her school and community.