Richmond Branch

George Yang | Internal President and Regional Director of Richmond Branch 

George is a senior at St. George’s School, and is honoured to be serving as the Internal President of Charity Brighouse as well as the Chairman of the Richmond Branch. Since joining Charity Brighouse in 2014, George has worked as the Head Director of Marketing and has helped organize many events. His favourite event to help organize is the annual youth volunteerism fair. When he is not working on Charity Brighouse, George can be found learning more about the business world, discovering new technologies, and exploring different foods with friends in the city. This year, George hopes to create more fun and interesting volunteering opportunities for youth and to better the community.


Sherry Sun| Director of Marketing 
A junior attending Richmond Christian School, Sherry is absolutely delighted to serve as the Director of Marketing of Charity Brighouse. Although she had not been involved in the organization before, Sherry hopes to apply her knowledge and experience from her previous volunteer work to best serve her role. In addition to volunteering and academic studies, Sherry enjoys performing with her orchestra, immersing herself in the world of Model United Nations, and baking macarons in her free time. She endeavours to help complete the mission of Charity Brighouse and is honoured to serve and provide volunteering opportunities for youths in her communities.



Sophia Gu | Director of Marketing 
Sophia is a senior at Steveston London Secondary School in Richmond. In her free time, she likes to watch Korean dramas and try some calligraphy. She wants to pursue a career in STEM in the future. As one of the marketing directors, she hopes to meet and inspire many motivated Richmond youth through Charity Brighouse events!



Jessica Wen | Director of Marketing 
Jessica is a senior at Steveston London Secondary School and is excited to take on the role of Marketing Director. Outside of her studies, she devotes her time to organizing events that attendees can learn something useful from and doing recycling at her school every week. In her spare time, she enjoys doing puzzles to chase after the satisfaction that the completed picture brings. Some of her other hobbies include reading autobiographies to learn from successful people and drinking tea. She is also passionate about graphic design and is excited to use this skill in her role at Charity Brighouse! Jessica looks forward to working with the rest of the team and organizing events that will increase community engagement.



Angela Wei| Director of Events 
Angela is a senior at Crofton House school, and has been a part of Charity Brighouse since grade 9. Throughout her journey at Charity Brighouse, Angela has served various roles in both the Vancouver and Richmond branch. Starting as a photographer taking pictures of Charity Brighouse’s events, Angela has since accumulated more experience as an assistant volunteer coordinator in Vancouver, and currently serves as the lead event coordinator in Richmond branch. She hopes that Charity Brighouse will be able to expand its influence throughout Vancouver and entice more youth to be actively engaged in their communities. Angela looks forward to another successful year of charity work and youth volunteerism.

Caris Tin| Director of Events 
Caris is currently a Grade 11 student at Richmond Christian Secondary School. With a passion for volunteering, she is excited to share her love with others by serving as an event coordinator for her first year at Charity Brighouse. Besides studying incessantly, Caris can be found playing volleyball and badminton for her school team, enjoying outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends. She hopes to use her past experiences to inspire others, so that they too, may be able to participate in improving the community as well as see the importance of volunteering.


Lily Wang| Director of Events 
Lily is a Gr.11 at Steveston London Secondary School. She is one of the Event Coordinators of the Charity Brighouse Richmond Branch. Lily is a new member of this organization but has contributed through other events around the community and in school. Some of her experiences include planning 30Hr Famine, organizing various fundraisers, and taking on leadership positions. When she’s not busy with her classes and extracurriculars, Lily loves finding new places to eat out at with friends, taking pictures of new food discoveries, and watching TV shows. She hopes to be able to work well with her fellow Charity Brighouse members and make all their events a great success!



Annie Lai| Volunteer Coordinator  
Annie is a grade 10 student at Hugh Mcroberts Secondary, and is excited to join Charity Brighouse as a volunteer coordinator. She has been actively involved as an executive in student council planning various fundraisers and volunteers her time at the arts centre. Dance has always been a huge part of her life. When she isn't at rehearsals, she's going out with her friends to eat or watching Grey’s Anatomy. This year, she hopes to help youth integrate themselves more in their community with the opportunities that Charity Brighouse offers!


Mitchell Lam| Treasurer

Mitchell is entering his final year of high school at St. George’s School. He is excited to work as Charity Brighouse’s Treasurer for his first year. In the past, he has devoted his volunteering experience to tutoring math, help run multiple hamper drives, and work as a Summer Camp Leader. In his spare time, he enjoys, building RC airplanes, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. He is also part of his school’s varsity Curling and Track teams. This year, he hopes to immerse the community in a variety of volunteering opportunities and improve his own leadership skills.


Enya Ho| Director of Media 
Enya is a Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy, and is thrilled to be serving as a Photographer and Graphic Designer for Charity Brighouse. Despite being a relatively new member to Charity Brighouse (joining as part of the board in 2017), Enya has enjoyed every moment spent working with the team. Outside of Charity Brighouse, Enya is an avid participent in a variety of school clubs (including Model UN), holding leadership positions and organizing events. Enya loves 'the arts', especially anything to do with reading, writing, or talking (something she does a lot of). She has been a photographer since 2013, and graphic designing since 2014. Enya loves learning new things, and hopes to help fellow youth gain more voluntunteer experiences by helping create more opportunities.


Tess Shaw| Photographer  

Tess is a senior at Little Flower Academy and is excited to be involved with Charity Bighouse. This is Tess' first event and is glad to be apart of it. Outside of school and Charity Brighouse, Tess loves to explore the world and learn new things. This year, Tess hopes to be involed in many events.